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story of immune support eo

aromaTab™ – A Novel Essential Oil Tablet by Raphael d’Angelo MD

Why was the product developed?

The human immune system is tasked with many responsibilities necessary for maintaining our health. There is a wide distribution of different cells and organs that make up the immune system. It is said that 70% of our immune cells are situated around the gut – from the mouth to the anus. The remainder can be found travelling through the blood stream and in various tissues like the liver, spleen, bone marrow, thymus, lungs, lymphatics and the brain. Specialized cells are in constant surveillance for abnormal cells, unwanted organisms, foreign proteins and the secretion of chemicals that serve to defeat the many events that would affect our health.


The experience with the formula for pharmaceutical AromaTab since 2008 and now Immune Support EO have been helpful and supportive for those of us desiring to maintain robust health in the face of the many onslaughts that come at us from internal and external forces. When it comes to keeping the immune system strong and vigorous, good nutrition, moderate exercise, being well-hydrated, relaxation and smart supplementation all play a part. Various forms of illness stress the immune system into action to restore the body back to its normal state of health. Immune Support EO can help this process succeed.

How was the product developed?

An essential oil formula developed and used in my practice was converted from a liquid formula in a capsule to a dry tablet in 2008 by a research pharmacist with a compounding pharmacy. Subsequent use of the tablet showed in a clinical trial that it was safe and effective for immune support. Eleven years of clinical experience have attested to its role in helping to maintain one’s health. 

What is compounding?

Compounding is the technique of combining, mixing, or altering one or more ingredients to create a medication that is tailored to the needs of an individual.

When was the product developed?

In February, 2008 a local compounding pharmacy hosted a luncheon at the clinic where I practiced. They had recently developed a proprietary way of taking male and female hormones in oil, and placing them in a tablet for hormone replacement therapy. Their research showed that the hormones were selectively absorbed by the lymphatics of the intestines, thereby bypassing initial degradation in the liver.  This concept intrigued me and a series of discussions led to an experiment in which they were able to successfully place my essential oil blend into a tablet form. Further experimentation resulted in a lightly enteric-coated, scored tablet holding 78.5 mg of essential oil.

How is the product made?


Essential oils from five botanical plants are combined, processed into a powder form and made into enteric coated tablets. The ingredients are essential oils of lemon (Citrus limon), Oregano (Origanum compactum), Australian Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini), French Basil (Ocimum basillicum). The precise ratio is proprietary. Certificates of analysis and authenticity provide quality assurance. The tablets do not contain dyes, sugar, gluten, soy, nut proteins, salt and are non-GMO.

How is the product packaged?

Immune Support EO comes in bottles of 60 tablets and 120 tablets.

Has the product been tested?

Clinical Trial
An 18 month open-label clinical trial was conducted from February, 2008 through July, 2009. Regular patients of my practice at Clinix Health Center who had an outpatient treatable infectious disease diagnosis who declined conventional treatment were offered a course of AromaTab™ as an alternative experimental treatment along with detailed written information on safety and use. Conditions for which AromaTab™  was used are listed in Table 2. Follow up was generally by phone but in person when possible.

During the 18 month trial 612 patients ranging in age from 5 years to 84 years received one or more courses of AromaTab™. Gastric upset was the most common side effect causing premature stoppage of the full course in 16 patients (2.6% incidence). One patient accidentally took 33 tablets at one time while high on another drug and experienced hives lasting several days. A prescription antibiotic was added to the course of ImmuTab™ in 14 patients (2.2%) after it was determined that AromaTab™ alone was not fully handling the infection. Complete resolution of symptoms of acute outpatient common infections was noted in 455 (74.3%). For those patients on chronic maintenance for Epstein-Barr virus induced fatigue, 106 (17.3%) noted improvement. A total of 20 patients (3.2%) were lost to follow up. In summary, for those patients for whom AromaTab™ was the sole antibiotic treatment, 561 (91.6%) showed improvement or their symptoms resolved completely.

Advanced sinus infection was the most frequent reason for having to add an antibiotic prescription. In two cases of urinary tract (bladder) infection there was incomplete clearing of the infection and required a few days of an antibiotic. For patients in which an antibiotic had to be added it was noted that the combination of AromaTab™ and the antibiotic resulted in more rapid clearing of infection resulting in fewer days needed on the antibiotic prescription. Patients with Candida uniformly reported excellent improvement. Four patients with Lyme disease showed improvement in symptoms. The respiratory viral infections like rhinitis, early sinusitis, bronchitis and influenza responded very well to AromaTab™. For those on anticoagulant medications (Coumadin, Warfarin) the tabs did not interfere with good control of blood clotting. Laboratory testing of the blood in selected patients showed no liver or kidney abnormalities.

How does the price compare to prescription antibiotics?

Considering the cost of many prescription antibiotics, AromaTab™ was found to be cost effective, convenient and well tolerated. It greatly reduced the need for antibiotic prescriptions while providing a primary treatment for viral infections. Since concluding the clinical trial, other practitioners and aromatherapists are using AromaTab™ and finding similar results. AromaTab™ has the potential to provide a safe first treatment for many common outpatient infections, reserving antibiotic prescriptions for more serious or prolonged infections. There is a need for further studies looking at a range of doses and duration of treatment for specific conditions.


Immune Support EO, has a modified formula and arrived as a new & less expensive version of AromaTab.  After years of trials and monitored results, including side effects, we now know that the product is safe, effective and meets all the FDA approved GMP (good manufacturing practices) facilities requirements which allows us to automate the process and make the product more affordable and convenient for our customers. 

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